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Graduates 2017

Students of the eleventh grade of the school "Tikva" officially finished their way as schoolchildren.The final milestone of the eleven-year journey into the country of knowledge was the graduation party, at whi...

Summer camp 2017

So the next academic year has come to an end. And this means that it is time for schoolchildren to plunge again into the sea, rest, entertainment and competitions, in other words, to feel all the pleasures of the summer ...

Bat Mizva celebration for Tikva Girls

Bat Mizva celebration for Tikva Girls...

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About Us

Tikva is a rescue aid and educational organization saving the lives of at-risk Jewish children and relieving the suffering of impoverished Jewish families in Odessa, Ukraine. Tikva has also been a pioneer in the revitalization of Jewish life in Odessa, reaching into the heart of the Jewish community to rebuild Jewish identity destroyed by decades of persecution and communist rule. 

Since 1996, Tikva has been working to help Odessa's Jewish populations through the following programs:

The Tikva search and rescue team is engaged in a constant mission to find Jewish children who are victims of abuse, severe poverty and neglect.Each year, Tikva rescues over a hundred children from the southern regions of the former Soviet Union, offering them a safe home, food, clothing, a leading Jewish education and quality medical care. Most importantly, Tikva provides them with a lifetime of love and compassion as they grow into healthy, independent adults. 

Tikva operates seven Jewish educational institutions in Odessa, providing a quality education for over a 1,000 Jewish children, from kindergarten through university. Tikva was recently awarded a prestigious prize by the Ukrainian Government chosen as the best private school in the region. Those who attend Tikva’s educational network include orphaned children fromTikva'shomes, as well asdisadvantaged children from the wider Jewish community.Four days a week, Tikva operates an after-school club with vital homework assistance and a range of enrichment programs such as music, art and dance and for its pupils.

Tikva extends its care to poverty-stricken, isolated Jews throughout Odessa with an essential delivery service offering hot meals on a daily basis and holiday food parcels. These services are gratefully received by over 200 destitute seniors every day. In addition to feeding mouths, Tikva seeks to renew Jewish interest and involvement, with several inspiring Jewish learning opportunities. These programs have captured the imagination of several hundred men and women of all ages and religious affiliations. They now regularly attend Hebrew language classes, lectures and cultural activities in Odessa's Great Choral Synagogue, reclaimed and renovated by Tikva in 1997 for the benefit of the Jewish community. 

With other activities such as Passover seder meals, regular synagogue services, and drives for warm clothing and other essentials, Tikva responds to the critical needs of this developing Jewish community while finding ways to strengthen Jewish involvement and promote personal enrichment.

Tikva also provides support and guidance for graduating adolescents who wish to make Aliyah. In Israel, Tikva has created several programs to assist the transition to their new life as adults in the Holy Land. This includes vocational training programs, university assistance, and Shabbat and holiday retreats where Tikva graduates gather to be with their extended family in Israel.


Tikva is proactive in identifying community needs and finding appropriate solutions. As a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization, these lifesaving activities are only possible thanks to charitable contributions from generous and caring individuals like you. Over the past 15 years, Tikva has saved 2,250 Jewish children from the misery of state orphanages, but there are still a documented 2,500 desperate Jewish children waiting to be rescued, and many more Jewish community initiatives needed to sustain its revival. Help us to help them – please click here to make a donation today.