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Graduates 2017

Students of the eleventh grade of the school "Tikva" officially finished their way as schoolchildren.The final milestone of the eleven-year journey into the country of knowledge was the graduation party, at whi...

Summer camp 2017

So the next academic year has come to an end. And this means that it is time for schoolchildren to plunge again into the sea, rest, entertainment and competitions, in other words, to feel all the pleasures of the summer ...

Bat Mizva celebration for Tikva Girls

Bat Mizva celebration for Tikva Girls...

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Donation Opportunities

Thanks to you and your efforts, we are making a Summer Camp for 1000 children in Odessa. There is no one in the world we can thank more than you. Your care and love for our orphans is something we cannot buy. Together, we are their family and as you sit around your seder, please think of all our children in Odessa too. 

THANK YOU!  From the entire team of Tikva in Odessa :)

Tikva is a non-profit charitable organization with 501 (c)3 tax-exempt status and is a UK registered charity 1111996. There are many ways to help Tikva continue its life saving work.