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Bat Mizva celebration for Tikva Girls

Bat Mizva celebration for Tikva Girls...

‎Masashorashim 2016‬

Tikva girls school on their way to Poland for a heritage trip...

Purim Odessa 2016

Find photo's from amazing Purim at TIKVA ODESSA  ...

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Tikva organizes two to three missions annually. There is nothing more powerful than to spend a few days with Tikva’s children. To hold a baby in your arms, to engage in a game of building blocks in the Infant-Toddler Home, to watch children learning, to sit and eat meals together, to clap at theatrical performances organized by the children themselves, to play a game of catch, to hug them and to hear their laughter. Not only will a mission to Odessa be an interesting and satisfying experience, it will literally change your life.

To find out more about this opportunity, please contact us  in Tikva's US office at or call (917)-262-1818.