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Graduates 2017

Students of the eleventh grade of the school "Tikva" officially finished their way as schoolchildren.The final milestone of the eleven-year journey into the country of knowledge was the graduation party, at whi...

Summer camp 2017

So the next academic year has come to an end. And this means that it is time for schoolchildren to plunge again into the sea, rest, entertainment and competitions, in other words, to feel all the pleasures of the summer ...

Bat Mizva celebration for Tikva Girls

Bat Mizva celebration for Tikva Girls...

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Planned Gifts and Lasting Legacies

Having come to Tikva from such poverty and uncertainty, the Jewish orphans of Odessa need to know their future is secure. A planned gift can assist Tikva meet its annual financial needs now and beyond. Gifts of this type may take many forms that may also have tax benefits for you. These include: 

•  Current gift of cash or public stock - Donations of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate, can result in income tax deductions    and will be a cost-effective way to contribute to Tikva's causes. 

•  Gift over time – We can help you design a gift distributed over time with tools such as a Charitable Lead Trust. 

•  Bequests – This type of legacy can make available a life insurance policy or a Charitable Remainder Trust, or a provision in a will, all of which offer tax benefits. 

•  Endowment –A gift of this type will be established in a high-interest account, with the principal sum remaining intact. The interest     creates a permanent source of funding for Tikva's annual campaigns, greatly contributing to organizational sustainability.

These tools can all be effectively used to help us carry out our mission. If any of these options is of interest to you, please let us know by calling Lori Donza, Treasurer in Tikva's US office at (917)-262-1159. We would be happy to meet with you and your advisors to create a gift opportunity that meets your personal and financial needs.