Bat Mizva celebration for Tikva Girls

Bat Mizva celebration for Tikva Girls...

‎Masashorashim 2016‬

Tikva girls school on their way to Poland for a heritage trip...

Purim Odessa 2016

Find photo's from amazing Purim at TIKVA ODESSA  ...

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Tikva's operating budget for 2016 is approximately $7 million. This budget provides only the bare necessities required for a stable, healthy, and productive life for our children. In light of the continued worldwide economic situation, we have substantially slashed our budget across all categories over the past 3 years.  In order to continue providing basic programming, education, shelter and social services for close to 1000 children in Ukraine, we need to maintain this budget amount in the coming year through the generous donations from individuals and foundations.

Our staff already stretches every dollar as far as it will go. They negotiate for every cost and take every measure to maximize precious resources. They would like to be able to promise our children the same thing they wish for their own - a bright future with limitless possibilities for success. They cannot make these possibilities available without a team behind them to ensure the money will be there, not only for necessities and additional boys and girls, but also for new computers and printers, software and reference books, athletic gear, karate and music lessons, camping excursions and holidays, vocational training and language tutoring.