US Staff

We’re here for you and for the children of Tikva. Happy to hear from you with comments and questions directly.
Sylvia Spitalnick
Executive Director
Lori Donza
Yanna Begelman
Director of Development
Miryam Kops
Director of Development/Marketing

Odessa Staff

Our caring leadership on the ground in Odessa
Refael Kruskal
CEO of Tikva
Rabbi Shlomo Baksht
Chief Rabbi of Odessa
Julia Shanina
Director of Development Office
Shlomo Itskovich
Financial Director
Professor Boris Kosoy
Dean of Tikva Jewish University
Professor Mark Dreerman
Director of Tikva Schools and Kindergartens
Julia Tsapkalova
Head of Psychological Department and Center
Nina Yaroshevskaya
Chief Accountant
Vyacheslav Kosachenko
Chief Financial Controller
Rabbi Arie Rov
Director of Student Department
Alexander (Sasha) Zhechev
Head of Search and Rescue Department
Andrei Kaluzhny
Head of Legal Department

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