Summer camp 2017 - Tikva

Summer camp 2017

So the next academic year has come to an end. And this means that it is time for schoolchildren to plunge again into the sea, rest, entertainment and competitions, in other words, to feel all the pleasures of the summer camp “Tikva Summer Camp.

This year, the school camp was located at the recreation center “ABBO” on the beach in the city of Chernomorsk. Children again had the opportunity not only to flaunt their knowledge gained for this academic year, but also to show their creativity, wit and desire for victory. Every day, the camp surprised the guests with a variety of evening activities, in which children achieved victory for their team, using logic, memory, speed, cohesion and many other qualities useful in team games. This year the program of the camp also included visits to the water park “Odessa” and equestrian center “Equi Life”.

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